Storytelling Is Our Most Important Marketing Function: Redkite

Storytelling Is Our Most Important Marketing Function: Redkite

Welcome to the second instalment of B&T’s video series IN THE KNOW. The series – brought to you by the fine people at film production company In The Thicket – is designed to give professional tips to modern-day marketers.

Today’s video features advice from Monique Keighery, the general manager marketing and fundraising for kid’s cancer charity Redkite. Being a not-for-profit organisation it presents with its own set of unique marketing challenges.

As Keighery explains, her role not only includes dealing and supporting sick kids and their families, but engaging with and promoting donors, too.

And her advice to do that successfully? It’s the good, old-fashioned art of storytelling, Keighery says.

“Storytelling is probably one of the most important parts of the marketing function at Redkite. It’s helping families share their stories and it’s sharing those stories so other families can see the impact of Redkite, so they too can reach out for that support.

“But it’s also about sharing their stories to inspire donors to give generously to help more families like theirs. Social media has been a fantastic vehicle in that storytelling,” she says.

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The IN THE KNOW video series is produced by In The Thicket, a production company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.  To learn more about In The Thicket visit

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