Social Change Maker Profile: Gary Nissim, Indago Digital

Social Change Maker Profile: Gary Nissim, Indago Digital

B&T has partnered with UnLtd to bring attention to some game-changing stars in the industry and their respective charity work. We’ve been celebrating one of these legends per week – and now it’s time for another.

Our last profile was on Raymond Ly from Mindshare, and now it’s on to Gary Nissim, managing director at Indago Digital!

First ever job: Paper Boy.

If I wasn’t doing my job, I’d be: Thinner.

How I got where I am today: Hard work, good fortune and by trying to do right by people.

Causes I care about: It’s a broad subject area, but the environment – I think the University Degree I studied was the first in the UK to focus on Environmental Management.

The change I’d like to see in the world and why it’s important: Reduction if not eradication of single use plastics. Swim in any ocean or walk down any street and it’s obvious why it’s important.

How did you first get involved with UnLtd: I was asked to present a session on ‘Search Engine Marketing’ at a training event they were hosting with the IAB. It was a serendipitous moment as I’d just decided to set up Indago Digital, didn’t have a full client roster and was keen to do some pro-bono work.

Carol Morris (then GM of UnLTD.) and I picked out a delegate name from a hat and we started working with the awesome Gailene from the Be Centre Foundation. The charity projects I’m currently working on: Stoked to have just started to work with The Mirabel Foundation. With two young children, I can’t help but gravitate towards children’s charities and they were the democratic choice the Indago employees made from a number of deserving charities.

Some social issues I’m passionate about are: Bullying – life is difficult enough without some f*ckwit digging their oar in.

Why I want to give back: On the one side I’d love to emulate my parents, who along with sixteen of their mates run a small independent charity that has raised more than four million pounds (over seven million dollars) to buy specialist equipment for schools, homes, and hospitals looking after children with disabilities.

On the other side I have an older sister with down syndrome and I understand the importance charitable organisations have and continue to have in her life.

Heads up: we’re hosting a pretty inspirational event next month called Changing the Ratio to promote diversity, inclusion and equality in Australia’s advertising, marketing and media landscape! 

We’ve got some pretty amazing speakers, one of which includes Cátia Malaquias, who started a charity to promote the inclusion of disabled people in ads. To see her speak with a very special guest, grab tickets here. Now, back to Gary. 

The best/most rewarding volunteering experience I’ve had: Not exactly a volunteering experience but in 2016, The Be Centre Foundation presented three organisations with their Partners in Play award and Indago Digital were one of those, sandwiched between two huge brands; Commonwealth Bank and St. George Bank.

My greatest achievement: Never being incarcerated.

The person/company I’d like to challenge to get involved & why: Google – I love the Google Grant, it’s an awesome and generous product (free advertising dollars for charities) but I don’t believe it’s structured to help the charities that need it most.

My advice for someone just starting their career is: Don’t chase larger salaries, you’ll quickly hit your pay ceiling. Chase knowledge and education and there will be no cap to your earning potential.

If I could have one super power, that would be: The midas touch.

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