SnapChat CEO Vows To Not Be “Creepy” With Advertising

SnapChat CEO Vows To Not Be “Creepy” With Advertising

Evan Spiegel, CEO of SnapChat – where messages disappear after a certain amount of time, is determined to have advertising that is good on the platform, not “creepy”.

Speaking at the Cannes Festival of Creativity during a keynote interview, the young developer said the company was lucky that it had built up the ad side of the business later than others, as others such as web publishers had already made a lot of errors the platform could learn from.

“We didn’t have any legacy Internet ad-serving infrastructure,” the Wall Street Journal reported him saying.

What SnapChat does, he said, is arguably “really different than Internet advertising”.

Spiegel said the ads on the platform can be effective without needing to gather a heap of personal data that other platforms do. The company is firm in not going too far with targeting.

“We really care about not being creepy,” Spiegel said. “That’s really important to us.”

Spiegel’s interview coincided with SnapChat releasing a new advertising approach, called the 3Vs; Vertical, Video, Views.

Spiegel claimed its consumers watch more videos on SnapChat than on any other platform, which is why the company is committed to upping the ante on its video ad offering.

The offering is “special”, he said, “because it’s built from the ground-up for mobile.”

Check out the video below.

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