ŠKODA Teams Up With SBS Learn To Promote Active Lifestyles For Kids

ŠKODA Teams Up With SBS Learn To Promote Active Lifestyles For Kids

As part of its 2019 Tour de France sponsorship, ŠKODA has teamed up with SBS Learn to bring cycling into the hearts of the next generation with the launch of the First Gear initiative.

The initiative is an educational platform to help students learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle through cycling.

From ŠKODA’s beginnings as a bicycle manufacturer to its global Tour de France sponsorship today, cycling has always been an integral component of the brand’s heritage.

Having partnered with SBS Cycling Central for the past 10 years in Australia, the brand has identified a substantial gap in the consumer journey between a toddler’s training wheels and the gym’s stationary bike.

Currently, little support or incentive exists for current and future generations to experience the full enjoyment of cycling, apart from road-safety awareness or cycling clubs.

ŠKODA national marketing and product manager, Beryl Thomas said: “First Gear aims to close this gap by educating and inspiring students to cycle and contribute to a greener, healthier and happier future.

“This initiative provides ŠKODA with the opportunity to leverage our Tour de France credentials among Australian families, which will be a global first for the brand.”

ŠKODA and SBS invite the cycling community, local schools, and families to their community launches in both Melbourne and Sydney to learn more about First Gear whilst having fun.

At this free event, people will get to meet Australian cycling legends and sports stars from former Socceroo, Craig Foster, to champion cyclist, Kate Bates.

Guests will also get to participate in a variety of activities, such as bike decorating workshops for kids, making smoothies with the power of bike pedals, and even getting a professional bike tune-up from an on-site mechanic.

PHD group business director, Kim Raicevich commented: “ŠKODA’s partnership with SBS Learn helps engage the Australian community in a positive way that reflects the brand’s heritage, all while creating an impactful emotional connection for the ŠKODA brand.”

ŠKODA’s First Gear initiative runs in the following cities on:


Saturday, 13th July from 10am until 4pm, Centennial Park Fearnley Grounds


Saturday, 3 August 10am – 4pm, St Kilda O’Donnell Gardens

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