Shapes Ditches The ‘Flavour You Can See’ Taste, Aussie Rage Ensues

Shapes Ditches The ‘Flavour You Can See’ Taste, Aussie Rage Ensues

Shapes is being shot down for messing with the taste of Australia, it’s precious, iconic flavours like barbeque, pizza, and chicken crimpy.

With everyone in the nation having an opinion on the Arnott’s savoury biscuits, last month’s shock new range, where the Shapes flavour is baked into the biscuits rather than being sprinkled on top, created waves of discontent among consumers.

Many of these consumers are pleading the company switch back, because if it ain’t broke…

The bulk of the complaints reference the taste and the texture, with customers saying the Shapes have become too sweet, too soft, lacking in crunch factor and missing the iconic ‘seasoning sprinkle’ that you can lick off the bottom of the packet.

Per reports from Fairfax, Arnott’s spokeswoman Nicky Thomson insisted the company had tested the new flavour range with “thousands, literally thousands, of Shapes fans”.

“And they told us they preferred the new flavours,” she said.

“We know that people don’t always appreciate change, but we think we’ve made the best Shapes yet.”

Thomson also said the company was keeping a close eye on consumer response, revealing that most of these ‘new and improved’ flavours aren’t even on the shelves yet.

The manufacturer’s biggest sellers – BBQ Original and Chicken Crimpy – will still be available alongside the new flavours, she reassured media.

“Shapes were first designed in the 1950s and since then palates have changed and taste preferences are for bolder, stronger flavours,” Thomson added.

“Our chefs went away and explored how they could deliver it. One of the main problems we had was getting the flavour to stick onto the biscuits.

“We’ve solved this by employing new technology, which involves baking the flavour right into the biscuit and applying it to both sides.

“We also found that making the seasoning sprinkles smaller meant they stuck to the biscuit better.”

But Aussies aren’t having a bar of it, taking to social media to express grave concern and displeasure.

“No wonder Coles is selling them for $2 a box, the new ones are horrible. Why change something that was amazing?” Jess Dick wrote on Arnott’s Shapes Facebook page.

“Just tried the “new” cheese and bacon shapes, you make me sad arnotts. My favourite shapes have been ruined, the last vestiges of my childhood are dying. Please bring back the original cheese and bacon shapes, long time fan, first time caller,” added Ben Major.

“There’s a hexagon-shaped hole in my heart,” Scarlet Luk said.

The Facebook page is now dominated by comments from admin trying to explain its decision to disgruntled eaters and boycotting bandits. Twitter, too, was unimpressed.


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