Severed Fingers And Folk Music In New Anti-Gun Campaign

Severed Fingers And Folk Music In New Anti-Gun Campaign

Grey New York, the company behind the recent “gun store” PSA, has released a new public service announcement (PSA) which combines country music and stop animation of dismembered fingers.

The ad shows all the amazing (and naughty) things you can do with your fingers, but still “keep your finger off the trigger”.

The Women Against Gun Violence ad is aimed at millennials who might be desensitised in the shock tactics and gun gore of past PSAs.

The PSA was directed and animated by Johnnie Semerad of Quiet Man, and is set to a folk song scored and performed by singer/songwriter Stephen Krauss.

“This may not be your dinner table video but it gets the point across, and it gets people talking which is the ultimate goal,” said Josh Stepakoff, gun violence survivor and WAGV’s youngest board member told AdWeek.

“I want my peers, the millennial generation, to use their power to affect change, and I believe this PSA will help get them engaged in the conversation.”

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