Secret Sounds Study: Forget Sexting, Young Music Lovers Are Agents Of Change

Secret Sounds Study: Forget Sexting, Young Music Lovers Are Agents Of Change

Australian music lovers have spoken: they’ve got the will to change the world and the influence to do it.

Industry linchpin Secret Sounds spoke with 10,000 music fans and returned a picture of some of the best positioned and motivated people to affect positive change in our society.

These agents of change are younger and more influential than the average 18-34yo Australian.

Their disposable income is high, they are deeply concerned about the environment and live for experience over material wealth.

Social upheaval has always had a soundtrack, and 50 years after the countercultural revolution of the late 60s, will this cohort of music lovers harness digital connection and passion to carry forward the torch, or squander the chance on shitposting and naked selfies?

Enter brands.

The dynamics of change have changed. Brands are influential today in a way that was unimaginable half a century ago.

They are not only positioned to be positive sociocultural actors, consumer expectation demands it. As traditional power structures erode, brands need to shift their agendas towards empowering high-reach social actors like the ones surveyed, empowering them to act on the existential threats lapping at our ankles.

Artists and their fans wield enormous power of influence; and now is the time for braver brands to contribute, sparking action towards social change and progress.

The stage is set. Music lovers have the same spirit they did then, creating space for brands to step up and ignite the tinder. The time is now.


Top-line Results

  • 51 per cent have 500+ Instagram followers, much more influence than the average 18-34yo Australian with only 17 per cent meeting the 500+ follower mark
  • 86 per cent feel that music is integral to who they are, and this holds across all age groups
  • The average music lover engages with music for around 5 hours a day
  • 67 per cent of music lovers actively seek out new music and love sharing it with people
  • They have significant financial resources, more than the average Australian, with almost a third having at least $10k in savings
  • A lot of their disposable income goes to saving for and spending on experiences, $442 average savings per month for experiences
  • The audience are financially mature, 79 per cent own a car, have insurance and more
  • They care about the world, 34 per cent seek their inspiration from activists, only 21 per cent from celebrities
  • Music lovers are influential across a range of categories, particularly music, travel and food
  • Instagram: The average music lover has a reach of around 1,200 people
  • They spread ideas with friends, on average socialising 6.1 times every month
  • They’re a force for positive change: 92 per cent feel that young people need to engage with global issues for things to improve

For nearly two decades Secret Sounds has connected young Australians with the best experience’s music has to offer.

Living, listening and partying alongside them, they have developed an instinctive understanding and a host of native insights into their lifestyle; they know this crew. But there’s no substitute for data.

In July 2019, they conducted a formal tracking study to deliver deep quantitative insights on a famously hard-to-reach cohort.

This landmark study is designed to offer insight into young Australian music fans, uncovering what makes these them tick, their relationship with brands and their sense of the future.

The Love Song project spoke with close to ten-thousand individuals; the results paint a picture of an engaged, influential and inter-generational group of people – ardent supporters of culture and eager to drive progress.

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