Scott Galloway Pulls A Mark Ritson & Defends Adidas For Taking 10 Days To Axe Kanye

Scott Galloway Pulls A Mark Ritson & Defends Adidas For Taking 10 Days To Axe Kanye

Scott Galloway has taken to Linkedin to defend Adidas after it has been criticised for taking too long to cut ties with Kanye West.

Adidas has cut ties with Kanye West after he made numerous anti-Semitic comments. However, the brand is still being roasted online for failing to end the relationship sooner.

Galloway took to Linkedin and wrote: “We have incorrectly conflated the liberal tradition of “free speech” with neutrality, with protecting the dark shoots of fascism in the name of tolerance. #nomercynomalice.”

Galloway went on to explain his point in a lengthy blog post and wrote: “Which brings us back to Kanye. And to the corporations that did business with him. Their decision to sever ties is important. Not because they need to “cancel” Kanye. It’s not about Kanye, but drawing a line, arresting the normalization of the demonization of a minority.

“In the case of Adidas, the ink for this line will cost shareholders hundreds of millions, if not billions, in shareholder value.

“The shoemaker has been criticized for waiting 10 days to cut ties. Ten days is an eyeblink in history (and even if management decided in 10 minutes, the logistics and legalities of responsibly disentangling a multibillion-dollar relationship take time). The company should be commended for its actions.”

Galloway’s comments come after marketing genius Professor Mark Ritson spoke out in defence of Adidas on Linkedin, which turned into an absolute blood bath in the comments section.

Galloway’s opinion will surely kick off another very loud Linkedin conversation.

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