SBS’s Lee Lin Chin Starts Brawl With Rival TV Networks

SBS’s Lee Lin Chin Starts Brawl With Rival TV Networks

In a television exclusive SBS 2’s news and current affairs program The Feed covers the battle of the year as rival network personalities engage in an inner-city brawl that makes Ron Burgundy’s scuffle in Anchorman seem trivial.

The Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic, Lisa Wilkinson and Richard Wilkins arrive from the Channel Nine camp armed and ready for combat. TEN Eyewitness News’ Sandra Sully wields an axe whilst her partner in crime Hugh Riminton refuses to play nice with his barbed wire wrapped fence pole. Channel Seven legend Derryn Hinch coats his face in war paint. The ABC’s Juanita Phillips, Steve Cannane and Annabel Crabb are ready to rumble. Tensions reach breaking point, egos are put to the test. David Marr is called in to mediate, little does he know the infamous Lee Lin Chin has a shotgun.

“We smelt oncoming bloodshed, and figured we had to eye witness this ourselves.” – Sandra Sully, TEN Eyewitness News

“If there’s going to be a throw down, we’re still the one…to make you beg for mercy” – Karl Stefanovic, Channel Nine Today Show

“You bit Aunty, and now Aunty is going to bite back” – Juanita Phillips, ABC News

“Seven, first in news, and first in beating down you punk ass bitches” – Derryn Hinch, Channel Seven

“Are you going to fight to the death or talk me to death?” – Lee Lin Chin, SBS World News

Lee Lin Chin has been starting fires all year, first presenting Celebrity News with the Celebrity Chin-Wag, then trying her hand in a cooking show Lee Linguine, before moving on to reality television for a stint in The Real Newsreaders of Sydney. There are not many toes Lee Lin hasn’t stood on. Her rivals have had enough. But where Chin goes, trouble follows.

Will Karl Stefanovic throw the first punch? Will Annabel Crabb’s rolling pin work as a weapon? When did Richard Wilkins learn to fight with chains? Will Lee Lin’s teeth be Steve Cannane’s next retraction? Where did Lisa Wilkinson get that baseball bat? Can Anton Enus save Lee Lin? These questions may not be answered, but Derryn Hinch will trash talk like a boss in The Feed’s penultimate show for the year.

The Feed’s Broadcast Battleground will air Thursday November 27, 7:30pm on SBS 2.

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