Report: Digital Is Facing A “Big Spring Clean” As Its Novelty Starts Wearing Off

Report: Digital Is Facing A “Big Spring Clean” As Its Novelty Starts Wearing Off

Facing an explosion of digital clutter resulting from two decades of rapid technology growth and innovation, people and organisations are rethinking what they really want, says a new report by Accenture.

A fundamental re-examination of what people want and value is ushering in a new design ethos that puts human value back at the centre of innovation.

At this inflection point, Accenture Interactive has released Fjord Trends 2019, its 12th annual outlook on what’s ahead for the future of business, technology and design.

According to the report, years of organisational investment in innovation have left customers feeling inundated and overwhelmed, straining the demands on our time and attention.

Whereas once we craved the novelty, excitement and instant gratification, we now crave more quiet and meaning in a noisy world.

People and organisations are doing some soul-searching about what they really value, rejecting products and services that don’t meet their needs – in effect, changing the nature of our relationships with technology and brands.

Fjord Asia Pacific GM Bronwyn van der Merwe said: “Digital is facing a big spring cleaning: a time when we decide whether something still has value and relevance to our lives.

“Digital is now so widely adopted that its novelty has worn off.

“In their attempt to declutter, people are being more selective about which products and services they incorporate into their daily lives, choosing to disconnect, unsubscribe or opt-out if the value exchange is not mutual.

“Never before has the responsibility of design been more important”.

This mindset shift has major implications — and creates massive opportunities — for organisations and for customer experience, says the report.

It’s time to take stock and rethink products, services, and experiences that people actually want and value.

Accenture interactive lead for AUNZ Michael Buckley said: “Winners in 2019 will be those organisations that provide a sense of value and relevance not only to individuals, but also to the world.

“Value creation will not come from simply growing bigger, but by being better.

“Consistent with our mission to create, build and run the best customer experiences for our clients, we believe this year’s trends support our guiding principle that the best experiences are those that make people’s lives better, more productive, and more meaningful”.

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