Renault Unveils 15-Minute ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ To Promote New Electric Car

Renault Unveils 15-Minute ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’ To Promote New Electric Car

Have you ever driven an electric vehicle before? Lots of people don’t know how smooth and relaxing the experience actually is.

It’s for this reason that Renault has turned to YouTube ‘brain massage’ trend, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), in its latest campaign to give online audiences the variety of sensations of driving electric vehicle, Renault ZOE, the most sold electric car in Europe since its launch.

Created by The Loft, Publicis Conseil, the campaign triggers ASMR sensations through the sounds elicited through the ZOE’s features: driving mode, electric plug, leather seating and more. The campaign aims to introduce a new community to ASMR through a short ZOE x ASMR teaser video, as well as engaging the ASMR YouTube community through a 15-minute extended experience.

Carine Gailliez, content and media director, Renault, explains: “Not a lot of people know that driving an electric vehicle is a completely different feeling to driving a traditional vehicle. We thought about how we could give audiences the smoothness and relaxation feeling that you get when driving a Renault ZOE through a mobile or computer screen. We also wanted audiences to be environmentally conscious of the nature surrounding us. ASMR was the perfect way to do this!”

Jean-Guy Saulou, managing director, Publicis Conseil: “ASMR is a huge internet trend that continues to grow daily, although lots of people still don’t know what this weird phenomenon is. We wanted to find a way to show the driving sensation of Renault ZOE, by introducing this interesting topic to our audience, as well as engaging the existing ASMR community with ZOE’s ASMR benefits.”

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