Real Time Tracking Of Influencer Impact Now Available On Catablog

Real Time Tracking Of Influencer Impact Now Available On Catablog

Catablog, an online directory of Australian and New Zealand influencers, has launched a campaign tracking tool which allows brands to see in real time the effectiveness of its influencer marketing.

This is a win-win for both parties as brands can see if the social media they invest in is working and influencers have a tool to prove their value to that brand.

“It’s a simple process,” Catablog co-founder, Janyne Moore explained.

“Brands simply invite bloggers into the campaign, enabling them to put a code on their blog post and add in their social media posts URL every time they talk about the brand.

“Catablog starts scraping the data immediately, allowing brands to watch the engagement their campaigns are attracting in real time.

“Brands can export the data at any time and track the engagement for all bloggers involved as well as for each separate influencer.

“The campaign tracking is in its infancy in beta-testing, but we are getting great feedback from brands who are happy to go through the quick process to set it up before the campaign starts.

“Bloggers are also able to add in data that we may not be able to track at this stage but it will only be accepted if photographic proof is provided.

“We’re big on simplicity and efficiency so our campaign tracking tool is designed in a way that takes little time and effort as we know social teams are time poor.”

Catablog, which launched just over 18 months ago, is adding new features all the time following feedback from brands and bloggers.

“One of our most popular features is the brands listing that enables bloggers and influencers to pitch ideas to brands, paving the way for new working relationships that both sides may never have thought to initiate,” Moore added.

“We’re also adding in influencers who have a big following on at least one social platform so you no longer have to have a blog to be in the directory.

“We’ve also made it easy for brands to quickly search the social platform of their choice and influencers will appear ranked in order of most influential to least.


“The digital landscape is constantly changing, so we are making every effort to adapt by adding more social platforms including snapchat, periscope, and podcasts.

“Brands are increasing their budgets for influencer marketing and we are constantly trying to find new ways of making it easier for them to connect with the right influencers and track the success of their campaigns.”

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