RadiumOne enters the Australian programmatic scene

RadiumOne enters the Australian programmatic scene

Programmatic ad operating system RadiumOne launches in Australia today with ninemsn as its first local publisher partner.

RadiumOne, is an integrated DMP-DSP which offers real-time buying over digital display, video, social and mobile.

Kerry McCabe is the managing director Asia Pacific for RadiumOne and said the fact it is an integrated DMP-DSP is significant.

“Ultimately where a DMP and DSP are separate the match rates of trying to connect their date with audience is 20-30% versus the platform that we have built which has match rates in the 80-90%,” McCabe told B&T.

“I liken that, maybe crudely, to the difference between a UN meeting where there are no interpreters. There is a lot of intelligence but really kind of muddled and a lower value outcome when you haven’t got an integrated platform to do that and to do that across all channels.”

On partnering with RadiumOne, ninemsn’s CIO Kelly Ferguson said: “Using data to understand our audience value, their brand preferences, intent to purchase and relationships with those most important in their lives, helps us to produce more relevant and engaging content, offering deeper and more effective channels for advertisers to connect with their most valuable audiences.

“We are now able to a shine light on “dark social”, grow our own organic audience and offer advertisers access to this audience both on our network and across the open web.” 

RadiumOne also hopes to work with trading desks and “become a really strong differentiated partner for” a media agency.

In the release McCabe said: With the intense programmatic ‘noise’ of 2013 I decided to go and see for myself which global operators were seriously creating something valuable for brands; rather than merely dressing up re-targeting in RTB.”

“What impressed me at the outset with RadiumOne was the quality and depth of its propriety data asset. Globally, RadiumOne partners with over 200,000 publishers who already engage over 6 million Australian unique visitors sharing over 2 million pieces of content each month.”

McCabe told B&T that is investment in Australia is “significant” with its Asia Pacific headquarters to be set up Down Under. A team of 30 or more is anticapted for Australia.

“Unlike many ad tech companies in Australia who rent serviced offices and believe that this is an unsophisticated market there for the taking, RadiumOne is in it for the long-term,” McCabe said, adding that it is hiring senior talent  and negotiating enterprise platform agreements with top advertisers, agencies and rights holders.

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