Radio Ratings: Triple J & The ABC Continue To Sink In Results & Relevancy

Sydney, Australia - March 24, 2015: People entering and leaving the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Centre in Ultimo.

Figures are in from 2022’s sixth GfK Radio Ratings Metro & DAB+, and if you thought 2GB took a hit, that must mean The ABC network got shot. 

Perhaps the most interesting news from these radio ratings is that the ABC failed to snag a top three network spot in any major city.

The only thing the ABC can celebrate is that its breakfast offering is still fairly strong, with Breakfast With James Valentine coming third in Sydney’s breakfast slot and Breakfast With Stacey Lee & Nikolai Beilharz coming in first in Adelaide. 

In the not-so-surprising news, Ben Fordham continued his dominance over Sydney, with 2GB’s king claiming first place in the breakfast ratings, though he’s beginning to feel the heat from Kyle & Jackie O as the KIIS 106.5 duo continue to ride the growth wave from last month. 

In Melbourne, 3AW once again reigned supreme, claiming the top spot, but the network also saw a downswing. It will be interesting to see if this lag becomes a trend for the radio network. 

There was a breakfast morning shake-up! GOLD 104.3’s Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show found himself beat by 3AW‘s Ross & Russell

Gold’s Dave Higgins claimed the number one spot in Melbourne’s Drive slot – sadly, he is no relation to Missy Higgins. 

Adelaide saw the NOVA 91.9 take the top spot. ABC Adelaide was knocked firmly out of the top three.

Meanwhile, Ben and Liam staked a claim in the top 3 for breakfast, and Nova’s Kate, Tim and Joel won the drive. Ironically, since her DUI Kate now can’t actually drive.

In Perth, the competition was fierce but NOVA93.7 managed to come out on top; NOVA’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun smashed the breakfast competition. 

Up north in Brisbane, B105 nabbed the first spot, beating out KIIS 97.3 beat out NOVA to snag the second spot.


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 2GB (12.8, last 13.6, up -0.8)

Second: Smoothfm 95.3 (10.9, last 9.7, up 1.2)

Third: KIIS 106.5 (9.5, last 10.1, – 0.6)


First: 2GB Ben Fordham Live (16.9, -0.2)

Second: KIIS 106.5 Kyle & Jackie O (12.8, +0.3)

Third: ABC Syd Breakfast With James Valentine (10.1,+-0.2)


First: SmoothFM Bryon Webb (10.5, +0.5)

Second: KIIS 106.5 Will & Woody (9.5, -1.2)

Third: NOVA96.9 Kate, Tim & Joel  (9.2 -0.5)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 3AW (13.4, last 14.5, down 1.1)

Second: GOLD 104.3 (11.9, last 11.8, up 0.1)

Third: smoothfm 91.5 (9.4, last 9.1, up 0.1)


First: 3AW Ross & Russell (19.3, +1.7)

Second: GOLD 104.3 The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show (10.2, -0.3)

Third: NOVA.100 Chrissy, Sam & Brownie (9.1, -0.4)


First: GOLD 104.3 Dave Higgins (12.8, -0.8)

Second: 3AW Drive With Tom Elliot (10.2, -2.0)

Second: FOXFM: Tommy & Carrie (10.2, -0.2)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: NOVA 91.9 (11.8, last 11.0, up 0.8)

Second: MIX 102.3 (10.6, last 10.6)

Third: Fivea (10.0, last 8.9, up 1.1)



First: ABC ADE Breakfast With Stacey Lee & Nikolai Beilharz (12.5, -4.1)

Second: FIVEaa Breakfast With David Penberthy & Will Goodings (14.6, +0.8)

Third: Nova91.9 Ben & Liam (11.9, +1.1)


First: NOVA 91.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (13.4, +1.4)

Second: SAFM Carrie & Tommy (11.1, -1.8)

Third: MIX 102.3 Will & Woody (10.3 -0.6)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: NOVA 93.7 (15.9, last 16.5, down 0.6)

Second: 96FM (12.5, last 10.0, up 2.5)

Third: MIX 94.5 (12.1, last 12.5, down 0.4)


First: NOVA 93.7 Nathan, Nat & Shaun (20.2, +0.2)

Second: 96FM Clairsy & Lisa (10.9, -1.0)

Third: MIX 94.5 Pete, Matt & Kymba (10.8, -0.4)


First: NOVA 93.7 Kate, Tim & Joel (16.9, -0.4)

Second: MIX 94.5 Carrie & Tommy (13.0+1.0)

Third: 96FM Will & Woody (12.5 +2.2)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: B105 (13.3, last 12.2, up 1.1)

Second: NOVA 106.9 (13.1, last 13.0, up 0.1)

Third: Triple M 97.3 (11.2, last 9.7 up 1.5)



First: NOVA 106.9 Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill (14.1, -0.3)

Second: B105 Stav, Abby & Matt (13.6, +0.6)

Third: ABC BRIS Triple M Marto & Margaux (11.5, +1.0)


First: NOVA 106.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (15.5, +0.3)

Second: B105 Carrie & Tommy (14.1, +0.4)

Third: Triple M The Luke Bradnam Show with Libby Trickett and Dobbo (10.2, -0.1)

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