Pitch2Punch Fighters Announced, Plus Get Your Tix Now!

Pitch2Punch Fighters Announced, Plus Get Your Tix Now!

Pitch2Punch is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining nights of the industry’s social calendar.

Not only do you get to see your fellow adlanders fight each other, but you’re also raising money for charity in the process.

It all started in March 2013 to raise awareness around mental health, and this year B&T is showing its support with its very own Sarah Greenan heading into the ring to raise awareness for this year’s charity partner and help fight anxiety and depression across Australia. More on Sarah’s experience below.

Kreate partner – head of experiences Richard Jones said: “This year’s fighters have really given it 110 per cent since day one. All round, the fitness level is already high and with only four weeks training under their belts, they’re looking like naturals! We’re going to see some exciting matchups in the ring that’s for sure.”

If you want to join B&T and 700 other black-tie attired supporters at this year’s event, now’s the time to get your ticket.

To grab your tickets to Pitch2Punch 2019 on Friday 1 November, click here. And without further ado, here are this year’s epic fighters.

Name Agency/Sponsor
Belinda Harrington Ultimate Asset
Sarah Greenan Misfits Media (B&T)
Danielle Russell PHD Media
Stephanie Iveson TeamRed
Cait Warren Datarati
Richelle Flay Hyland Agency
Jasmine Harrison Scentre Group
Daniella Serhan
Erin Zillman
Casey Robilliard Datarati
Ruth Feeley Ikon
Sharna King ARN
Jun Sayabath Wavemaker
Sam Norris Havas SE
Jack Davidson UM
Simon Conyard Wavemaker
Tom Ure QMS Media
James Hulston Seven Network
Aaron Monks 360dmg
Liam Quigley oOh!Media


B&T account manager “Scrappy” Sarah Greenan’s Pitch2Punch experience

“I’d love to say I jumped at the chance to sign up for Pitch2Punch this year but it’s not definitely the case. When the opportunity came up, there seemed to be no doubt in anyone’s mind at B&T HQ that this was perfect for me. I wasn’t in a position to act shocked by this – just a couple of weeks prior to this, a few Friday arvo drinks in the office lead to me playfully flipping B&T’s editor on his back (sorry again John).

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 2.19.58 pm

My reservations were strangely nothing to do with being punched in the face. Instead, it was the thought of standing in the ring with a thousand people looking at me (I still feel sick at the thought). But my manager’s a typical Scot and gave me some tough love. She said: “It’s six minutes of your life – that’s nothing!”

I was really excited to meet new people from across the industry and luckily, I’ve got some real legends in my group this year. I did have a “what have I got myself into?” moment during the induction when someone asked, “Has anyone here been punched in the face before?” and nearly everyone in the room stuck their hand up.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 2.26.34 pm

I did, however, know I’d love the training. You train three nights a week, two hours on a Sunday morning with the option to go to a 6am fitness session as well twice a week, so it’s a lot. Once you’re finished skipping, shadow boxing and punching on, each session ends with our “four-minute fun friend”, the affectionate nickname we’ve given to the four-minute ab workout we endure every session.

Fast forward to now, five weeks until fight night, and we spent last Sunday morning sparring for the first time. A two-minute round with DJ Seb, our boxing coach and the guy who keeps us all motivated with his random playlists, felt like a lifetime. Everyone killed it, except me who curled up in the fetal position in the ring after one minute… the man moves like he has no bones.

If you’re not familiar with Pitch2Punch and wondering why you’re reading about amateur boxing on B&T, Pitch2Punch is a charity boxing event set up to raise awareness around mental health across Australia and support batyr, a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created to address the elephant in the room and smash the stigma around mental ill-health.

It’s guaranteed to be a great night so grab your tickets and help fight depression and anxiety (and support me in the ring!)”


Where is it? Royal Randwick Racecourse

When is it? Friday 1 November 2019

Where do you get tickets? Here

Why go? Why wouldn’t you go?

To help support the event email info@pitch2punch.com

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