Osher Günsberg Revisits Andrew G Days In Connect Hearing Campaign Via Elastic

Osher Günsberg Revisits Andrew G Days In Connect Hearing Campaign Via Elastic
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Connect Hearing and brand partner Osher Günsberg are reviving his 90s Andrew G persona to encourage Australians to take proactive control of their hearing health in their new campaign. Asking, “How many words do you miss?” via Elastic

Gunsberg challenges Aussies to take the Connect Hearing online Speech Perception Test to check if their hearing is fit for real life. In a note to his younger self, Günsberg pokes fun at his less hearing-conscious persona Andrew G.

Reflecting on moments when he started to realise he couldn’t hear certain sounds and words. From confusing words like ‘makeup’ with ‘breakup’ during dinner with an ex-girlfriend, to mistaking people’s names while signing autographs on a radio tour, Günsberg knows all too well the challenges that mishearing words can bring.

Gunsberg hopes the campaign will inspire Australians to take control of their own hearing health starting with Connect Hearing’s Speech Perception Test – a simple hearing test they can do from the comfort of their own home.

Günsberg, said: “If only I knew then what I know now, I would have addressed my hearing health much sooner. When I played in bands in my 20’s, everything was louder than everything else. It wasn’t until my TV career took off that I realised that I was living with damaged hearing.

“It was affecting how I connected with people at work, but more importantly began to drastically affect my close personal relationships,”

Michelle Lawson, managing director of Connect Hearing, said: “The collaboration with Osher Günsberg strikes at the heart of the issue of speech discrimination.

“I can speak from personal experience that deciphering words becomes harder as the years’ tick by. So it’s great to have Osher motivated to share his story.

“Earlier this year, Osher shared stories of how missing words in his younger years impacted his life with the Connect Hearing team. Drawing on these memories, Osher worked closely with us to create an engaging, heartfelt campaign that helps other Aussies understand the implications missing words can have on their lives.

“Osher sharing his personal experiences in a humorous, relatable way will help more Aussies understand that hearing is an integral part of their overall health and wellness.

“This is Osher’s story to tell and his experiences with feelings of frustration and strained relationships due to hearing loss will be very relatable to many Australians. The Speech Perception Test is really easy to understand and we hope it will empower people to get on top of their hearing health, early in life.”

The Speech Perception Test is a free, quick hearing test to see how many words they miss. Created by Connect Hearing’s sister company, Blamey Saunders hears, the SPT is a scientifically validated online hearing test that measures real-world hearing performance.

The five-minute online test gives you a score out of 50 indicating how many words you heard correctly.

Lawon added: “Gone are the days of having to test your hearing in a soundproof booth.

“The Speech Perception Test is simple to understand and can be done from anywhere. All you need is a computer, mobile phone or tablet with speakers or a headphone connection.

“The SPT helps you to understand your hearing health today and provides a baseline to measure against in the future. It provides the understanding and confidence to have a productive conversation with the hearing care Pprofessionals at any one of Connect Hearing’s 100+ clinics around Australia or experienced Telehealth team,” says Lawson.

The campaign videos are airing across 10 play and 9Now (On Demand), and paid amplification channels including Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Ads.

Credits Client:

Connect Hearing

Managing director: Michelle Lawson

Head of marketing & omnichannel audiology: Alex Deakin

Senior brand manager: Gabby Williamson

Acquisitions marketing manager: Natasha de Leeuw

Product & retail marketing manage: Claudia Mazza

Retention & repurchase marketing manager: Wing Siu Talent

Talent: Osher Günsberg

Talent Management: HMMG, Lauren Miller & Rachel Barrett

Create agency: Elastic

Creative Director: Nathan Richman

Director:  Kevin Lim

Producer: Madison Oklobdzija

DOP/ editor: Tom Strangward

Photographer: Andrew Fawcett

Sound design & Mix:  ISM Studios

Colourist: Tim Wreyford

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