Online Dating Study: 75% Of Rollerblading Profile Pics Are Of Lesbians (& More Daft Dating Facts)

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Look, it’s Friday, and when the results of a new survey into single people who use dating sites landed on B&T’s desk, we thought it would be the perfect afternoon time-waster.

The study, by dating comparison website, compared 22 million profile pictures of online dating users from 13 countries, including 1.9 million from Australia.

With the data gained DatingScout was able to present detailed analyses of the online dating market and its preferences when it comes to visual presentation: The ages and genders of online daters as well as the answer to how it influence user’s profiles.

When it came to Australian dating website users, it found 64 per cent were male and 36 per cent were female. A whopping 84.42 per cent of people looking for a partner online are younger than 35 years old with men aged 25-34 the biggest users of dating sites in Australia.

Here’s some of the more absurd results the study gleaned when examining dating site user’s profiles.

  • Nearly 75 per cent of photos roller blading are from lesbian online daters.
  • Most pictures with saxophone players are from academics.
  • About 20 per cent of all pictures in online dating are selfies.
  • Australians upload the most pictures, five in average, while the international average is four.
  • The average male Australian online dater is 6’2 tall, bearded and has black hair.
  • The average female Australian online dater has long, brown hair and is 5’10 tall.
  • More than 80 per cent of animals shown on photos are dogs.
  • Toyotas are the most popular cars among Australian online daters, while 80 per cent of pictures .posing with luxury vehicles are from men.
  • Americans show of the most weapons in their profiles.
  • Sports and travelling are the most popular hobbies and interests among Australian online daters.
  • There are more male singers than female ones among Australian online dater.
  • Some like it hot? All pictures with chilies are from men.
  • Especially male? Bagpipes: 95 per cent of pictures with bagpipes are from men.
  • 86 per cent of photos with money or gambling are uploaded by men.
  • Pictures of owls are most popular among academic online daters.
  • Internationally Australian online daters take the highest share of pictures with red snappers at 81.34 per cent.
  • Burning tires and donuts? Most popular among Australian online daters. They take 78.13 per cent of the international share when it comes to drifting.
  • Australian online daters hold 73.53 per cent of the photos with toilet seats internationally.
  • Nearly two thirds of all photos with delicious lobsters go to the Australian online daters.
  • More than 60 per cent of photos with kettlebells go to gay online daters.
  • 100 per cent of photos with bacon are uploaded by men and 75 per cent of all pictures with salads are from the fellas.
  • An animal that has a very even gender share of 50.8 per cent men and 49.2 per cent women when it comes to being in pictures? The Goat!
  • Gay men take the highest share when it comes to pictures with kanagroos. More than 30 per cent of all pictures with these Aussie marsupials to the gay male.
  • Almost 50 per cent  of all bull riding pics are from men under the age of 25.
  • Fairy Goodmothers? 67 per cent of all fairy themed pictures are from women older than 45.
  • More than 65 per cent of pictures with harvesters are from men older than 55.
  • Australian gay men don’t like leopards at all. Zero leopard themed pics from them (but 40 per cent from straight men…).
  • There are more pictures of surfboards than people actually surfing.
  • Stuffed toys have a 45 per cent male and 55 per cent female share in Australia.


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