OMA Wants To Get Wicked Campers Branding “Out Of The Gutter”

OMA Wants To Get Wicked Campers Branding “Out Of The Gutter”

Queensland members of the Outdoor Media Association have had it up to here (gestures to neck) with Wicked Campers and its offensive displays.

Members have called on Wicked Campers to “lift its standards” in the wake of NSW councils making the move to ban vans with naughty slogans from caravan parks and camping grounds.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath last year suggested that a review into the state’s anti-discrimination act could potentially stop the provocative slogans in its tracks.

But the review never took off, and is now staring down the barrel of a parliamentary committee inquiry, which suggested the AANA be given authority to enforce compliance.

But OMA says it’s not necessary, and that Wicked Campers should just get the controversial van displays off the roads.

“All 33 members of the OMA abide by 15 industry codes – they work hard to maintain high standards, would not run slogans like these and are compelled under the OMA’s code of ethics to take down any advertising in breach of Advertising Standards Board protocols,” a spokesman told Fairfax.

“The numbers demonstrate how well OMA members work within the self-regulatory system and the respect they have for the self-regulatory codes.

“Each year, OMA members post over 30,000 ads on a network of 76,000 advertising faces.

“Despite this wide network, OMA members have a record of one hundred per cent compliance with the ASB’s determinations.

“The record shows that self-regulation does work in the industry.”

MD of Bishopp Outdoor Advertising Brad Bishopp said, “Our message to Wicked is clear: get out of the gutter. These slogans have no place in the public domain.”

The government is yet to respond to the issue.

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