NT News Admits Surprise #PooJogger Wasn’t From Northern Territory

NT News Admits Surprise #PooJogger Wasn’t From Northern Territory

The NTNews has made light of the news the infamous #PooJogger is not from the Northern Territory.

In a tweet posted to the NTNews account, the broadcaster said the nation was in shock after learning the #PooJogger was a Queenslander.

The Poo Jogger was finally caught after months of the internet speculating who the mystery defecator could be.

Upon finding out his identity, a 64-year-old male named Andrew Douglas Macintosh, the Poo Jogger was forced to resign.

A photo of Macintosh went viral after he was seen crouching over a suburban sidewalk clutching toilet paper, seemingly mid-run.

Surprisingly, Macintosh looked somewhat apathetic in the image, which had initially blurred his face to protect his privacy.

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