NSW bushfires the hot topic on Twitter

NSW bushfires the hot topic on Twitter

The ongoing bushfires in NSW have caused a flurry on conversation on the Twittersphere since they started last week.

B&T has teamed up We Are Social to crunch the numbers around what people have been talking about in relation to the fires on Twitter, keeping in mind this is only discussion originating in Australia.

Since October 13, there have been more than 124,000 messages in Australia about the bushfires, peaking at 53,000 on October 17, and hovering at about 15,000 a day since then.

The following buzz graph for Twitter shows how the issues within the discussion interrelate and have evolved. As you can see, the fires in Springwood make up the major hub, with other issues, such as the smoke in Sydney growing out of that. 

Here is a word cloud illustrating what's being talked about:

Here are the top hashtags used on Twitter:

Here are the most retweeted tweets (impactful photos, celebrities, political):

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