NRMA Launches Easter Road Safety Campaign

NRMA Launches Easter Road Safety Campaign

NRMA Insurance has launched its latest road safety campaign, just in time for Easter.

New research has found that more than two in three Australians are choosing to drive at times they should be sleeping, just to beat the crowds and get to their destinations faster.

The research also identified 80 per cent of drivers admit they are not stopping every two hours and four in five
admit to driving on autopilot.

With one in four Australians planning a long-distance journey in the next few weeks, NRMA Insurance has
launched a new safe driving initiative to remind drivers not to drive tired.

NRMA Insurance marketing director Sally Kiernan said the findings from the research reinforce the importance of safe driving initiatives on our roads.

Kiernan explained: “Our research shows setting off on a driving holiday before dawn is a popular way to beat the traffic, so it’s important to remind drivers to make sure they take a break at least every two hours and don’t drive tired.

“We have launched a safe driving initiative to help drivers covering long distances, with 100 billboards popping up on major arterial roads and near Driver Reviver stations.

“Each billboard will have a humorous twist to jolt drivers into a sense of awareness and remind them it might be time to take a break.”

Professor Drew Dawson, fatigue expert and psychologist, says drivers need to flip from thinking about getting to their destination quickly, to how they can get to their destination safely.

Dawson said: “With half of drivers planning to drive before dawn and one in five choosing to drive through the night this Easter, it’s critical we continue to remind drivers to take breaks and break up long drives.

“When we look back at our evolution, it was our instinctual brain that kept us safe.

“Especially when it was more important (and safer) to get home quickly than being out.

“However, we weren’t on busy roads with thousands of cars.

“Now it’s this thinking of “I need to get there quickly” that can be dangerous when it comes to driving.

“My advice for Australians this Easter is to fight against the “I need to get there sooner” mentality and plan to
take breaks.”

Dawson added: “Don’t drive when you would normally be sleeping and when you’re feeling tired.

“Make sure you pull over, have a coffee and rest for 10-15 minutes.”

Over the next few weeks, NRMA Insurance will also be supporting the important work done by Driver Reviver sites across the state, encouraging families to pull over and take more breaks.

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