“Nightmare!” Seven Journo Goes Viral For Hellish Tinder Match

“Nightmare!” Seven Journo Goes Viral For Hellish Tinder Match

7NEWS Journalist, Jordan Bissell took to Twitter to vent about the perils of having a public job and online dating.

Bissell wrote on Twitter, “Yep, one day back on Tinder, and I’m getting off it!”

Attached was a screenshot of a man she’d matched with on Tinder that kicked the conversation off by saying, “Jordan, I’m pretty sure you reported on my court appearances.” Awkward.

Bissell’s tweet quickly took off online, grabbing over 800s likes and starting a lengthy Twitter thread.

In the thread, Bissell also revealed that her match may have a very colourful past and tweeted: “I’m afraid this person is likely a recidivist offender. I’m still awaiting a response on his criminal history.”

She also batted off people’s advice to “Give him a Chance!”

Fellow journalist, Andrew Macfarlane weighed in and tweeted, “This is nightmare fuel!”

There’s no doubt that romance is hard when you have a public job. But there is also likely a larger conversation here that should be had about women’s online safety and how difficult it can be for women when their job is online, exposing them to men recognising them on dating apps.

In this case, it seems more like a funny antidote rather than a cause for concern, but it’s worth considering. It’s not nice if you are a woman and match with someone only to realise they already know where you and therefore a considerable bit of information about you.

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