All The Snaps And Stories From News Corp’s Come Together

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News Corp Australasia’s executive chairman Michael Miller last night gave the industry a sneaky peek at the new customer-focused initiatives and marketing solutions that will steer the good ship News Corp Australia in the future.

Making the announcement at the annual Come Together event tonight, Miller told clients, partners and media agency trailblazers that the company was deeply wedded to innovation within the industry, in ways that would better pair up advertisers and their audiences.

It follows a busy few weeks for News Corp, with Nicole Sheffield being touted as the MD of News Digital Networks Australia (News DNA), and the soon-to-be ex-Pacific Magazines CEO Peter Zavecz making headlines as the latest News recruit, joining the team as new MD of Herald and Weekly Times – commercial.

“These are the new ways we offer to work with our advertising partners to deliver real connections with real people, and most importantly, deliver real outcomes,” Miller said.

“Our marketing solutions will create the opportunities our advertisers want and need.

“No one else does or can do what we do; understanding audiences, making a difference to their lives and reaching them in large numbers every hour of every day. At News Corp, we’re well prepared for a dynamic and creative future.”

Here’s a snapshot of some fresh News’ initiatives:

Food Corp – the launch of a dedicated network of leading Aussie food brands, designed to delve further into this tasty market, with newly appointed director of food, Fiona Nilsson, at the helm.

Campaign Solutions Studio – the creation of a specialist unit to create and deliver custom-built solutions for advertising folk that can be product, event or experience focussed. This will combine various data sources that exist about News’ brands and audiences, and allow teams to extra greater client value, thus driving more insightful campaigns.

News Corp Australia Media & Marketing Institute – because the campaign solutions studio wasn’t enough, News also announced a newly minted partnership with the Melbourne Business School to provide a week-long study program for the country’s top notch talent. The focus will be on brand strategy, audience segmentation and targeting, investment analytics and matketing strategy.

News DNA – the new business unit that will align all of News Corp’s digital assets in the news, food, lifestyle, and women’s categories.

To boast the scope of Food Corp’s offering, Nilsson used the example of a recipe created by Matt Preston – a 90-second Chocolate Mug Cake, who’s video generated over two million views in under five days.

MD metro and regional publishing Damian Eales also said a few words at the event, emphasising, “We are providing an expanding range of marketing solutions that incorporate so much more than space and airtime”.

“Advertisers can look to us to provide a bespoke purchase funnel for their business – from awareness to action, across multiple channels and multiple audiences, all skilfully targeted through smart analytics.”

Nicole Sheffield also offered comment, adding, “Harnessing the power of our digital networks is important for the business. Our focus is to maximise our already leading performance in digital reach and revenue, supercharge our digital products, particularly video, and look at opportunities for acquisition to build on what we have.”


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