New Survey Shows Aussie Businesses Have No Idea How To Create Content On Social Media

New Survey Shows Aussie Businesses Have No Idea How To Create Content On Social Media

If you often think your favourite brands still can’t quite nail the social media side of things, you’re not far off, because as it turns out, Australian companies suck at social media content creation.

Hootsuite released its Australian Social Media Management Study, and to sorry social media results, apparently. More than 100 executives and management folk from various industries were quizzed on the number one challenge facing companies using social media, and content creation came in top.

A total of 30 per cent of respondents listed content creation as the hardest hurdle, with social media measurement and content distribution across multiple social media networks bringing in second and third place, with 18 and 15 per cent, respectively.

When asked about the top three objectives behind using social media, increasing brand awareness was a big priority for 61 per cent of respondents, followed by brand loyalty at 13 per cent.

The study further revealed that 87 per cent of respondents recognised the competitive advantage that social media provides for their businesses, with 61 percent looking to increase the use of social media.

The majority of respondents (58 percent) do not actively use a social media management system, which only goes to show the need for more education and resources to help Aussie businesses tap into the power of social media.

Facebook still takes the lead as the number one social media platform (29 per cent) for companies to post content, followed by Twitter (16 per cent) and Instagram (15 per cent).

“Australian businesses understand the benefits and competitive advantages that social media provides, however continue to struggle with fully capitalizing on this trend.,” Hootsuite director of growth and marketing Roger Graham said.

“There’s great opportunity for companies to embed social media as a fundamental component in their marketing efforts, and Hootsuite can help in this journey. Hootsuite offers a number of tools and features that help customers create great content, distribute it to those who matter, and measure its success via social.”


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