Huzzah! New Star Wars Trailer ‘Rogue One’ Released

Huzzah! New Star Wars Trailer ‘Rogue One’ Released

We’re still recovering from December’s arrival of Force Awakens so you can only imagine our pants-wetting joy to see a new Star Wars trailer out today.

The new film, called Rogue One, is actually an “anthology” film where it’s set in the time of Star Wars, features plenty of Star Wars-ey like characters (Storm Troopers and Empire walkers etc) but has a whole host of new characters.

The plot reportedly follows a group of Rebels attempting to steal the plans to the infamous Death Star and used neither any of the writers from Force Awakens or its director JJ Abrams. George Lucas was said to be involved in the final script and it was produced by new Star Wars owners, Disney.

The one-minute, 40-second trailer features plenty of action and a new heroine Felicity Jones playing Jyn Erso (who also has an uncanny resemblance to Force Awakens star Daisy Ridley.


However, it’s clear that Rogue One may not have the budgets of its predecessor (Force Awakens was rumoured to have cost $US200 million) with some keen-eyed fans noting some of the trailer shows characters running through a London Tube station (see above).

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