New Research From The Works Discovers The Birth Of The ‘M’ Generation

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Almost half of Australians under 25 now regard messaging apps as their leading communication tool, leaving email, SMS, and traditional social media behind, according latest research from independent creative agency The Works and its specialist messaging business On Message.

The survey of more than 2,400 Australians, carried out in collaboration with UTS Advanced Analytics Institute, found that 46 per cent of Aussies under 25 and 56 per cent of those under 20 now use messaging apps as their main source of communication.

This contrasts with 24 per cent of Aussies over 25 who see messaging apps as their main method for communication, and marks the start of a messaging generation – the ‘M’ Generation.

Data partly gathered by an interview bot created by On Message – Berta – revealed that Aussies are significantly increasing their use of messaging apps, with 67 per cent of under-25s upping their usage and 50 per cent of over-25s claiming to have spent more time using the apps.

Douglas Nicol, creative partner and co-founder at The Works, said this is currently a huge trend, with over 10.5 million active monthly users of messaging apps within Australia, and that with the proper care, it could mean an important place in the conversation flow for brands.

“We are lucky to have the first new mass channel in a generation and we need to nurture it so brands earn a useful, utility rich place in the conversation flow happening on messaging apps every day,” he said.

“My fear is that some marketers are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to marketing through messaging apps rather than jumping in and learning how it can work for their brands.

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