Naked Commissions A Custom-Built Tiny House For New Taubmans Campaign

Naked Commissions A Custom-Built Tiny House For New Taubmans Campaign

In a campaign for Taubmans to launch the new and improved All Weather exterior paint, Naked, together with Symmetry Media, have transported a tiny home 9,000 kilometres across Australia on an epic journey to demonstrate that Taubmans “protects against the forces of nature”.

Naked commissioned a custom-built tiny house for the campaign, which featured a family going on a road trip with the house in tow. The house, painted with Taubmans All Weather Exterior Paint, faced pounding surf, searing outback heat, driving rain, and a blizzard, showcasing Australia‘s extreme weather conditions.

Naked Communications managing director Tim Kirby said: “Product demonstrations are pretty common in the paint category, so we knew we needed a special product demonstration to reflect a special product. Taking a tiny home for a 9,000 kilometre road trip to test it in the best and worst of Australian weather was a fun way of doing just that.”

Director Dean Ginsburg added: “It was an awesome project. Finding the right locations for all the extreme weather conditions was key, as was creating the right atmosphere with the family for each scene. We shot anamorphic, which was perfect for getting the cinematic look we needed.”

Taubmans is part of the PPG Group. PPG commercial director David Nicholls added: “Tiny Homes are growing in popularity. Painting one and taking it to different parts of Australia allows us to really clearly showcase how the new and improved All Weather paint, with its Lifetime Guarantee, can stand up to even the toughest conditions.”

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