Mobile Marketing Truths That Marketers Won’t Tell You

Mobile Marketing Truths That Marketers Won’t Tell You

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It's not fair that you miss out simply because you don't know these tips.


Anyone can create and market their own App – whether you are an indie developer or Domino’s Pizza the toolbox is up for grabs.

However there’s so many app fails out there, even some great ideas that just weren’t executed or marketed properly. Expert mobile marketers are full of secrets that could make money even off the most outrageous ideas, using many different modes of revenue you can take advantage of through your mobile app. It’s a shame to miss out on any of these monetization opportunities simply because you don’t know.

Paidium is The New Freemium

Freemium has been the trending business model for apps in the past 2-3 years; take a look at the top grossing apps for iPhones this past year. As you can see out of the top 50, all but 2 apps were charging their users an initial downloading fee. Today we’re seeing many mobile marketers switching their strategy from the ‘oh so popular freemium’ versions to the slightly more esteemed ‘paidium’ strategy. Hey, they must be making money somehow, but how are mobile marketers encouraging the users to make in-app purchases? There are two major ways in which mobile marketers are doing this.

First we have your, In-Game Mechanics which make the user stay on your app longer (increasing your session length) and entice them to comeback and play on your app more often (increasing your retention metric). This method is commonly used by all of your most used gaming apps, Candy Crush for example offering you more lives to play longer.

While your in-game mechanics are definitely essential to your users, there’s another method that hardly anyone is taking advantage of and the technology is still in its beginning stages. Outside game mechanics are acquainted with the user before they’ve even downloaded your app. These outside mechanics also work with users who haven’t been seen in a while to re-engage them back into your app.

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