Mobile Game Marketing Trends For 2015

Mobile Game Marketing Trends For 2015

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Video is gaining momentum, especially in the mobile games market. Watch this space.


As the mobile gaming market continues to grow across the globe, in-app advertising is also gaining momentum.

This new area of mobile game marketing has acquired new focus, with marketers concentrating on the trends that are going to unfold in 2015. Mobile game marketing — and particularly in-app advertisements — is a new vertical that has already shown huge growth opportunities, and the reasons are obvious for why this will continue to be the hot marketing avenue for the coming year.

Here are some important predictions concerning the mobile game marketing trends for 2015

1. Greater focus on video

With video previews on YouTube and other video-sharing apps continuing to boom, mobile games advertising on such apps is gaining in popularity. YouTube and other video advertising is the fastest growing segment, and their effectiveness has already proven higher than banner ads and other advertising options. Videos enjoy far better views because are more engaging and direct compared to other forms of ads.

2. Stronger focus on social integration

Leveraging the popularity of a game through social media is already a common tactic, and naturally, it makes social media easier to go viral. Rigorous social media integration driven toward viral sharing will ultimately add enough value to user preferences, and at the same time, this offers far better return on investment (ROI) for the marketers. Once a game goes viral, accompanying ads quickly reaches million views and offer far better business promotion, and without rigorous social media integration, it’s almost impossible to accomplish this.

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