Mentally Healthy To Reveal Latest Study Results & Answer ‘Unaskable’ Questions In July

Mentally Healthy To Reveal Latest Study Results & Answer ‘Unaskable’ Questions In July

The results of Mentally Healthy 2020, the second major study into the mental health of the media, marketing and creative industry will be revealed at a launch webinar on Tuesday 7 July at 9am.

The results include the findings of the Mentally Healthy 2020 study as well as the COVID-19 pulse study conducted by Everymind, Never Not Creative and UnLtd in May. The webinar will reveal how things have changed since 2018, what impact COVID-19 has had on our mental health and coping mechanisms, how effective our mental health workplace programs are and what the five key areas are that organisations need to tackle to improve mental wellbeing at work.

The webinar is free to attend by registering here.

The Asking for a Friend series, a collaboration between Mentally-Healthy Change Group, Never Not Creative and YoungBloods, is also returning in July to answer ‘unaskable’ questions.

The series of events have been set up for people in the industry to ask questions about their career and mental health in an anonymous and psychologically safe environment. Each session features an industry leader and psychologist that the guests can ask anything they want, ‘for a friend’. 

The latest session takes place this Thursday 2 July at 12:30pm AET and features Creative Director and Author, Alex Wadelton and Psychologist and Acting Program Director of Everymind, Sally Fitzpatrick. The theme is “Finding meaning and purpose” and is ideal for anyone who has questions around the type of work you’re doing or how to find what it is that motivates you and makes you happy. It is an opportunity to get unbiased and non-judgemental opinions to questions you might feel worried about asking your boss or co-workers.

Previous Asking for a Friend sessions can be found at: The range of topics in recent events have been varied and raw and some of the most confronting questions have included:

“I find myself struggling with imposter syndrome often, and it’s heavily sabotaged my creative opportunities and sabotaged my confidence, what’s the best way to deal with it?”

“As someone who has lost their job in the recent pandemic, what advice do you have for getting and staying motivated to get back on the horse and find a new gig?”

“As a new grad it is overwhelming and disheartening to try break into the industry during these tough times. With many being laid off, what are ways we can start off our career in this environment?”

“You’re a new business director at an agency outside of your home country. Your residency is attached to your job, and redundancies are taking place around you. How do you manage the uncertainty and fear?”

“I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and have previously had an Eating Disorder. I’ve been open about this with only some of the people in my work. I’m afraid to be completely open with everyone as I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t talk about your mental history in the workplace .So how much honesty is too much honesty? How much vulnerability should I show?”

“I’m finding it really hard to keep my confidence up at the moment. Working from home means that I’m getting a lot less time with my Manager and I just have no way of knowing if I’m doing a good job. I think or feel like I’m not progressing, and if they can’t see that then maybe I’ll be the next person to lose their job.”

Advice has ranged from how to focus on only what you can control, how to maintain empathy for other people’s perspectives and how to handle conversations with your manager with respect and assertiveness.

You can register for the next session of Asking For A Friend at:



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