Men’s Luxury Ads Spoofed In Totally Bonkers New Hyundai Campaign

Men’s Luxury Ads Spoofed In Totally Bonkers New Hyundai Campaign

Hyundai’s thrown out the advertising playbook for a completely nutty campaign for its new i30N performances model that’s unashamedly chasing the male demographic.

The UK campaign is the work of creative agency R/GA London and is directed by famed American ad maker, Tom Kuntz.

It appears to spoof luxury brand ads and fragrance ads in-particular. The opening sequence sees one model splashing himself with a scent of L’eau De Burnt Rubber while the finale takes an even more freakish end as a man morphs into a horse to represent the car’s apparent horsepower.

Anyway, don’t take our word for it, check out the insanity for yourself below:

Commenting on the campaign – called “Feel The Feeling’ – A Hyundai spokesperson said: “It’s meant to subvert the clichés of luxury advertising while using its recognisable aesthetic. The approach is designed to feel ‘ironic premium’; a tongue[-stuck-firmly]-in-cheek poke at automotive and luxury brands taking themselves too seriously, with the line ‘Feel the feeling’ encapsulating this playful approach.”

James Temple, R/GA’s chief creative officer, added: “Our aim with this campaign is to stand out of the crowd, to shake up the staid formula of car advertising, and most important, to have some fun with viewers. We want people to rethink their views of Hyundai as a practical, compromise choice, to a brand which shows people through the power of ‘N’ that they make cars that are fun to drive and which aren’t like anything else out there.

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