The Australian hints at sales structure as reason for Williams’ demise

The Australian hints at sales structure as reason for Williams’ demise

The new boss of News Corp Australia Julian Clarke is a “steady hand” and “advertiser magnate”, while Kim Williams might have been deposed because of his changes to the sales team, writes The Australian.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Clarke has chosen to give his only interview since Friday’s surprise appointment to one of his own newspapers, which in return paints the 69-year-old in very flattering light.

Clarke did tell the paper he would not be looking to totally dismantle the work done by Kim Williams (pictured), but in a second exclusive story The Australian says he will look to bring I another senior executive “in the next few weeks”.

The same story also points to Williams’ surprising demise may have been more to do with the perception the company is losing money from its metropolitan mastheads because of the merger of the sales teams to a national structure.

Clarke does say he expects revenue models to change in the digital world, with subscription playing a larger part than it does with print, compared to advertising.

“We’re not sat here saying all we’re going to do is deliver newspapers. We’re going to deliver our journalistic content in any form that technology provides,” he told the paper.

“But the truth of the matter is that the product is very different in its different delivery forms. Not only in the method of distribution, but the experience of consuming varies. The market is working this all out right at this moment.”

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