McCann Queensland Reimagines Pillow Talk

McCann Queensland Reimagines Pillow Talk

McCann Queensland has this month completed the creative and strategic brand rejuvenation of iconic Queensland bedding retailer Pillow Talk.

As the beloved Queensland brand moves into an even more enthusiastically competitive retail era, senior management identified the need for monumental strategic and creative change.

Despite a vast and loyal customer base that had been engaged throughout the brand’s history, the inevitability of ‘millennial irrelevance’ was looming.

How does a brand with such profound equity keep itself fresh and relevant for the next generation of customers?

Transformation was the answer.

A many month’s long exploration of the brand’s purpose and ability to deliver on its promises yielded; a commitment to comfort.

A truly universal concept that deftly bridged the gap between Pillow Talk’s loyal and ‘soon to be loyal’ customers.

Pillow Talk’s central principle became: ‘for the love of comfort’.

An expression that was to guide every single interaction that they themselves, as well as their customers, would experience with the brand.

New interior design, new signage, new store layouts and wayfinding and of course, new brand films that articulate the depth and breadth of what comfort means to all of us.

Featuring the Pillow Talk staff themselves, these brand films explore the many places that each member finds comfort.

From blankets to beach towels, passports to puppy dogs, comfort is something unique to all of us.

And if there’s one thing the Pillow Talk teams truly understand: it’s comfort.

Pillow Talk GM Kate Spencer said: “Comfort. It’s such a simple and humble idea that stretches the breadth and width of humanity.

“I’m so very proud that at Pillow Talk we can celebrate such a universal human need with the conviction and authenticity that a subject of this importance deserves.’

McCann Queensland ECD Benjamin Davis said: ‘If you’re going to talk about comfort with any sense of authenticity, you’ve got to talk about more than just lying down on a bed. Comfort is so much more than that.

“It’s emotional. It’s memory. It’s everything that’s true… and it’s true that it’s different for everyone.

“I think Pillow Talk’s new platform now owns that space and will do for years to come.’

McCann Queensland MD Phillippa Netolicky said: “We extracted a simple universal truth that already existed within all aspects of the business, and by telling it well, it has created a transformational and powerful platform for Pillow Talk for years to come.”

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