Lash Creative Picks Up FMCG Nong Shim Aussie Account

Lash Creative Picks Up FMCG Nong Shim Aussie Account

Independent digital communications agency, Lash Creative, has landed the international FMCG account Nong Shim for Australia.

Nong Shim, South Korea’s largest processed food manufacturer, specialising in instant noodles and snacks has gotten the Lash team on board for its full marketing strategy, planning and execution in Australia. Nong Shim’s products are sold around the world and they are looking to expand exponentially in Australia.

Lash is known for placing the audience in the centre of everything they do. The aim is to create sound strategies that inform visually crafted solutions to effect a change in the way the audience thinks, feels and does.

“We will be primarily working on the Shin Ramyun Noodle brand. While it’s not well known in Australia, it’s a massive household name in Asia. So we will be focusing on spreading the word about how tasty these products are,” says Lash Creative’s managing director, James Chung.

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