The Uphill Battle In Marketing Unhealthy Products In 2016

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With people becoming more and more health conscious, this piece by Forbes contributor AJ Agrawal gives the lowdown on what marketers need to remember if they're behind the marketing wheel of an unhealthy product.


From tobacco and alcohol to sugar and saturated fat, there are a myriad of products that require ethical, legislative marketing.

While the initial reaction around advertising unhealthy products is one of frustration, all you need to do is consider that nearly 480,000 people die from smoking-related illnesses in the United States alone every year and it’s clear that advertisers and marketers have an obligation to play by the rules.

Having said that, there are still sales targets and personal goals to achieve, so how does one go about marketing unhealthy products in 2016? This article will try and give you a few basic guiding principles that should help you determine whether or not you’re a part of the problem, and show you the benefits of ethical advertising.

Know The Rules

As the general population has become more informed and curious about the effects of certain substances on their bodies, the government has become strict around what marketing message is appropriate, and what is misleading or detrimental to the audience.

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