Mark Latham Says “Militant” Gay ABC & Fairfax Journos Responsible For Pushing Same Sex Agenda

Mark Latham Says “Militant” Gay ABC & Fairfax Journos Responsible For Pushing Same Sex Agenda

He may have been punted from his Sky News gig back in March after calling a schoolboy gay for appearing in a video for International Women’s Day, but the irascible Mark Latham has launched his latest stinging tirade against Australia’s marriage equality debate – blaming it on gay journalists!

Latham tweeted that he believes the marriage equality debate is so fervent in Australia simply because there are so many gays and lesbians in the media who write articles to peddle their own agendas.

He argued that only 0.8 per cent of Australians were in same-sex relationships yet it “appeared to constitute 95 per cent of public debate”. Yesterday’s release of the 2016 Census results do appear to vindicate Latham’s comments which showed 46,800 same-sex couples (or 0.8 per cent of all couples) in Australia.

And how did this happen, according to the former Labor opposition leader? “So how do they dominate debate via same-sex marriage?’ he tweeted. “Because they all work in the mainstream media.”


Former Labor leader Mark Latham says homosexual journalists are pushing a gay agenda

Latham singled out the ABC and Fairfax Media for allegedly having too many gay journalists on staff who used their positions to push their apparent rainbow ideals onto the rest of us. (A recent Roy Morgan poll showed 76 per cent of Australians support marriage equality).

“They’re over represented and consistently pushing a militant gay left line out of step with mainstream public opinion,” Latham told Daily Mail Australia.

Latham has never been a fan of same-sex marriage and even when he was opposition leader in 2004 he sided with the Coalition government’s amendment to the marriage act which stated matrimony should only be between a man and a woman.

His latest attack comes for a tough time for the likes of Fairfax who have suffered a number of high-profile attacks of late. In May, the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, said the publisher was “out of touch”, “only had a couple of good journalists” before adding, “I think people realise that you can live without reading Fairfax newspapers. I think it’s a better way to lead your life, that would be my advice.”

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