Man Strapped To Giant Billboard, Gagged & Shamed For Crimes Against Pizza

Man Strapped To Giant Billboard, Gagged & Shamed For Crimes Against Pizza

An outdoor ad for a frozen pizza company has gone viral after it strapped a chap by the name of Kevin to a billboard, gagged him and shamed him for suggesting banana was a legitimate pizza topping.

The eye-catching stunt was the work of British frozen pizza and garlic bread brand Goodfellas and appeared in the London suburb of Shoreditch and came with the slogan “Bananas don’t go on pizza Kevin” alongside the poor fellow who was seated a good 10-feet in the air.

Goodfellas claimed the stunt was based on recent research of 2000 Brits that aimed to discover the nation’s biggest crimes against pizza.

Vegetables on pizza and four seasons-style toppings were ranked bottom of the pile for favourite pizza toppings. Other unpopular toppings included anchovies, pineapple and tuna.

Still, no sign of B&T’s most despised topping – the dastardly artichoke.

A quarter of respondents also said they would either be concerned about their compatibility or would feel less attracted to a partner if they committed “a crime against pizza”.

It follows recent media coverage in the UK of Roscoe’s Pizza in the sleepy village of Corwin, near Cincinnati, Ohio, who claimed its most popular pizza topping was, in fact, banana.

The top seven pizza crimes according to the Goodfellas study included:

1. Soggy crust (23 per cent)

2. Burnt crust (16 per cent)

3. Not enough cheese/No cheese (15 per cent)

4. Eating it with a knife and fork (12 per cent)

5. Eating it cold (11 per cent)

6. White base pizza with no tomato (10 per cent)

7. Dipping it in ketchup (nine per cent)


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