Lotame Announces Partnership With ComScore Digital Analytix

Lotame Announces Partnership With ComScore Digital Analytix

Data management platform Lotame has forged a partnership with comScore that will allow advertisers and publishers to engage with customers and prospects using rich web analytics data.

The global agreement, which includes the entire Asia Pacific region, will allow Digital Analytix customers to convert their analytics data into premium audience segments, and then make the segments actionable across a broad range of activation channels via Lotame’s data management platform (DMP).

“This partnership delivers an important new solution to advertisers and publishers by combining best-of-breed media analytics with the power of Lotame’s DMP,” said Mat Ward, Lotame’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific. “Through the partnership, audience segments developed within Digital Analytix can now be scaled and refined within Lotame’s DMP before being seamlessly exported into clients’ chosen ad server, DSP, exchange or SSP.”

Key benefits of the partnership include the ability for advertisers and publishers to:

  • Run targeted campaigns against data segments developed within the Digital Analytix platform;
  • Scale out or further refine Digital Analytix segments by leveraging first- and third-party data sets within Lotame’s DMP;
  • Gain a deep understanding of audience and behaviour overlaps between Digital Analytix and Lotame data sets through Lotame’s powerful Insights tool;
  • Leverage Lotame’s Optimizer tool to enhance campaign performance and scale out Digital Analytix audiences into larger, targetable profile pools;
  • Use Lotame’s Cross-Device functionality to map Digital Analytix segments from desktop to mobile, and vice versa.

“We are very excited about this partnership. It allows clients who use both platforms to unite their visitors and visitor segments created in comScore Digital Analytix with Lotame’s vast collection of user behaviour insights,” said Joe Nguyen, senior vice president, Asia Pacific at comScore. “This rich combination of data sets helps our clients to better understand their users, and more effectively monetise their data across multiple platforms and channels.”

comScore Digital Analytix is an integrated, digital media analytics platform that ingests, validates and enables fast, granular processing of unstructured data, providing rapid insights that lead to better decision making. Because it is built to capture multi-platform data in its most granular form, Digital Analytix clients have the power to analyse and act, in real time, on their business-critical data in order to better manage their digital assets, optimise their sites and monetise their audiences.

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