Londoners So Sick Of Underground Ads They Cover Them With Pictures Of Cats

Londoners So Sick Of Underground Ads They Cover Them With Pictures Of Cats

Cats have overtaken YouTube and it appears they’re doing the same to London’s Underground.

A campaign by a group called the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service – or CATS – used crowd funding to buy all the outdoor slots at one of London’s busiest Tube stations, Clapham Common, and stick monster sized posters of moggies everywhere.

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CATS managed to raise £20,000 ($A35,000) in public donations and bought out the entire 68 advertising slots throughout the station.

Not that CATS is particularly fond of cats. The group claims it wants “to use creativity for good” and change the way people see advertising and “inspire people to think differently about the world and realise they have the power to change it”.

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However, all the images used in the campaign were from nearby rescue charities.

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A spokesperson for CATS said: “Instead of asking you to buy something, we’re asking you to think about what’s really valuable in your life. It might not be cats, but it’s probably something you can’t find in the shops.”

However, not everyone has loved the catty idea. Dog lovers have apparently taken to social media saying that the campaign is prejudiced against canines. There’s no pleasing everyone.

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