Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Pitch2Punch Shows Off Media Industry Heavyweights

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This year’s adland boxing event Pitch2Punch saw 20 brave champions take on the marketing and media industry’s biggest corporate challenge: a one-on-one smackdown in front of 500 people.

The boxing night encourages people to “step out of your office and into the ring. Pitch2Punch is open to any Sydney media and marketing industry employee who wants to up their game. Agency or client. Boy or girl. Young or old. CEO or Account Exec.”

This year Pitch2Punch raised over $17,000 for beyondblue, raising awareness of anxiety and depression to the 500 strong crowd.

Creator and producer of Pitch2Punch Gareth Eden-Styche said: “Over the last three years, almost 60 Industry Champions have helped raise almost $50,000 to help fight anxiety and depression in support of beyondblue. It’s a big event full of great personal achievement and ring loads of entertainment. There’s been sweat, blood, tears and smiles, and many personal milestones that hopefully put our industry into perspective.

“This year was sold out weeks in advance. So thank you everyone for your support and apologies to those who were not able to secure a ticket. Maybe we’ll see you in the ring next year.”

Special mention goes to Jamie Connolly for winning the Best Overall Fighter (for most improved technique, dedication and in-ring personality) and Leanne Warburton and Hilary Bryce – Winners of Fight of the night (for the most un-expected battle of the year).

The hashtag #Pitch2Punch was punching its way through Twitter:




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