Lessons In Business From A Young Entrepreneur

Lessons In Business From A Young Entrepreneur

In this guest post, Mia Jamora, co-founder and producer of MSQUARE Productions, explains why she believes that the best way to lead is by example. She says, “The main thing is establishing trust. The thing I’m most passionate about is loyalty”.

“With clients, trust is important. What I’ve seen happen a million times, is when an agency is given a hundred thousand or one million dollar budget, with much of that either pocketed or wasted.

“I use money to make the highest possible quality and invest in the production value. I’m not trying to say that we don’t make money – we need to, but establishing those relationships first is imperative. Money comes naturally when you’re doing your job well,” she said.

As a young entrepreneur, Jamora maintains that business and creativity can, and must, co-exist. It’s as personal as it is professional.

“I don’t tell any story, unless I believe in it or I’m passionate about it. You won’t do well if you’re not fiercely passionate. When producing a corporate piece with the potential to be dry and uninspiring, our execution allows me to exercise passion and be cinematic. I think it’s what sets us apart from comparable companies.”

“There is more than just ‘the brand’, there’s a story behind the brand and the lifestyle they promote. We communicate that through content, not by throwing the brand in your face but through storytelling. We’re storytellers,” she said.

At 26, Jamora is heavily involved in all of MSQUARE’s activities, and her role not only includes the creative aspect of production, but also handling clients and ensuring the company maintains a strong sense of direction, with excuses. Even about being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

“I don’t think about it. It’s not a concern, it shouldn’t be a concern. I just do what I do and do it well. As soon as you start thinking about limitations that’s when you start limiting yourself,” she said.

Despite the success of the company, Jamora is intent on remaining grounded and mindful of where she’s come from. From a two-person unit operating in Los Angeles, to the bustling office space it has expanded to in Sydney, Jamora is proud of her efforts, while keeping a constant eye on the future.

“Happiness defines success. Obtaining and nurturing relationships whether it be with clients or my MSQUARE family, that is my success because it makes me happy. Once you have found what does it for you, and you stick with it, it will always make successes.”

“In the future, I want to establish a more focused branch of MSQUARE Productions for TV series and feature films. I don’t take for granted what corporate work brings to the company, it’s our bread and butter but also allows us to continually challenge ourselves. We already bring that cinematic sensibility to our corporate work, so I want to keep developing that.”

“Eventually, the goal is to open MSQUARE Studios, with different universes and worlds built for filming. Other than Fox Studios, Australia is lacking the influence of big studios. Few films are shot here, and the tax incentives are good. There’s a lot of potential for the next ten years.”

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