Punters Slam Latest Lamb Ad As “Vomit Inducing” And “PC Crap”!

Punters Slam Latest Lamb Ad As “Vomit Inducing” And “PC Crap”!

The latest MLA lamb ad from The Monkeys has arrived, and if the viewing public’s point of view is worth anything, then it appears a bit more miss than hit this time around. You can read B&T’s initial story here.

The spot is a play on the Broadway musical West Side Story and plays out as a subtle dig at class divides in Australian society that can only be brought together by a lamb chop barbecue.

Commenting on the ad, The Monkeys chief creative officer, Scott Nowell, said: “‘Lamb Side Story’ proves that both extremes of global political views can be fun – there’s nothing like lamb and dancing to bring people with various levels of outrage together.”

The ad found media saturation when it was sent out at 7am this morning, however, initial reports haven’t been overly favourable.

An article on News.com.au titled “People aren’t loving the new Australian lamb ad” slammed the latest incarnation as “vomit inducing” and, oh dear, “an ad that everyone can hate equally”.

Admittedly, the comments were taken from News’ Facebook page and don’t include the opinions of people in the advertising industry.

Here are a few of the more choicest nuggets that B&T picked through.

“I got bored! Too long and it forgot it was advertising lamb!”

“Jesus, what a shit ad. I vomited a little.”

“I’d throw something at the telly after that’s been on a few times.”

“As an ad for lamb, it sucks. As a reminder that we can all agree on a lot of things, I like the message.”

“Well unless they’re gonna use it at the cinemas as a pre-movie trailer … Took too long to get to the point. It lost me early in the piece and I would’ve shut it down much earlier had I not known it was going to be about meat and wanted to see how it tied in … time I won’t get back.”

“Bit of gentle dig at political divisions in Australian society. Which over time have become more extreme. Now we have people calling each other names and not listening to arguments in an objective way. But it also attempts to bring together warring factions of Australian society, at least the far left and right.”

“I didn’t find it funny but I can appreciate what Meat and Livestock Australia were trying to do, run the add, time to stop this PC crap.”

“More a political message than an ad for lamb.”

“Lamb Advertising meeting: ‘Hey, how about this..? Let’s see if we can upset the all of the passionate political wonks, and watch everyone else point their fingers and laugh at them for being all upset.’”

“Hmm…..not much could top last year’s genius giving!! This is clever but I really don’t think it will appeal to many Aussies. I’m not a fan of this one.”

“Great, more time to run around and do errands during the commercials. It goes for long enough, I could probably duck down to the shops and back.”

“These ads used to be actually entertaining but over recent years MLA has just screwed them up. There advertising actually puts me off their product.”

“Crap … got bored and turned it off … forgot what it was advertising .. is this the best they could come up with .. really.”

“No one had the guts to tell them it was rubbish.”

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