Kiwi PM Weighs In On Lamb Ad: “It’s An Absolute Outrage!”

Kiwi PM Weighs In On Lamb Ad: “It’s An Absolute Outrage!”

New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has weighed in on the MLA’s latest lamb ad, refuting its claims that Aussie lamb chops are better than her own homegrown variety.

Speaking to media in London on Tuesday, Ardern described The Monkey’s latest meaty work as “very humorous” before light heatedly adding: “Any suggestion that their lamb out does us is an absolute outrage.”

In the spot, released on Monday, government officials discuss how to improve Australia’s fallen image. “We used to be the greatest country on earth, but we’ve lost the plot. Cheating at sport, can’t even hang on to a prime minister,” one says in the ad.

The decision is to merge Australia with New Zealand and form a new nation called “New Australia” and cajole the Kiwis around with the aromatic smell of barbecued lamb chops.

Ardern even gets a honourable mention in the ad. “Best of all, you get to share our prime lamb and we get to share your prime minister,” another adds.



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