Kekovich Drops The Chops To Flog Aussie Made Tape Measures

Kekovich Drops The Chops To Flog Aussie Made Tape Measures

You can tell Australia Day is fast approaching as Sam Kekovich gets wheeled out for his annual advertising airing.

This time around, Kekovich has put down the lamb chop for a moment to talk to the tradies of Australia via a spot from indie agency MAW Communications.

In the first in a series of campaign videos promoting Crescent Lufkin Tape Measures – to be released throughout 2019 – Kekovich urges Aussie tradies to support Australian manufacturing and keep their eye out for those on the job site who simply don’t measure up.

The ad is part of the ‘Does Your Mate Measure Up?’ campaign. In it, Kekovich asks Aussie tradies to consider our economy when making their next purchase and reminds us all that our manufacturing industry is precious and not to be forgotten.

Marketing manager for Crescent Lufkin, Kristin Viccars, said the decision to partner with Kekovich was an easy one to make: “Sam Kekovich is an authentic patriot, if not the Aussie patriot. We couldn’t be happier to have partnered with him for the ‘Does Your Mate Measure Up?’ campaign.

“Expect more of Sams classic catchphrases and Aussie slang in the months to come and remember to look for the Australian Made logo next time you buy a tape measure.

“Crescent Lufkin is the only business proudly manufacturing tape measures here in Australia, so heed Sam’s advice and make sure you, and your mate, measure up this year.”

The digital campaign is set to roll out across social media and other digital platforms throughout 2019, including YouTube.

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