Jeep & Lumo Energy Launch OOH Campaigns Via oOh!media

Jeep & Lumo Energy Launch OOH Campaigns Via oOh!media

Jeep Australia and Lumo Energy are among an increasing number of brands creating impact and driving greater audience engagement through the use of special builds and innovative lighting on classic out of home billboards.

The two builds, developed and executed by oOh! include strategically placed lighting which appears to increase in luminance as the night gets darker, to capture the attention of audiences passing the sign.   

The Jeep Australia campaign, to promote the next-generation Cherokee, includes 2D extensions on either side to create mountains, illuminated stars using LED’s and a tent that at night will be backlit to show silhouettes of two people inside.


The Lumo Energy campaign employs a similar concept with lighting used to give the impression that the lamp protruding from the billboard is shining the light on the U in the You’re the U in Lumo copy.

To further enhance the U, it was off-set from the billboard and was backlit to create a halo light effect.  

Chief commercial director, Noel Cook, who oversees the roadside portfolio for oOh! said the campaigns show how classic billboards can be used not only to achieve spectacular impact but increase audience engagement by treating them in an innovative and creative way. 

“Classic billboards have always been recognised as a powerful medium to get a big brand impact, create awareness and communicate a key message to audiences in six seconds or less,” Cook said. 

“The added dimension of special builds ensures the campaign creates a deeper level of engagement and amplifies the brand fame opportunity. 

“Special build signs stand out, making them Unmissable.”


Cook said while there a lot of attention, correctly, given to digital out of home, classic billboards remain a powerful medium for advertisers to grow their brand positioning and drive long-term memory encoding. 

“The flexibility of classic billboards is limitless.

“By going back to basics and using special builds on classic billboards, these brands have demonstrated how advertisers can achieve additional cut-through in a digital age,” Cook said.


Client: Jeep Australia 

Campaign: The Next Generation Cherokee is here  

Overview: A fully integrated national Out of Home campaign, which in addition to Roadside billboards also includes signs in the Fly, Retail and Locate environments.

There are three special builds in the campaign, located in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.  The campaign runs until December 23. 

Media: Starcom 

Creative: Cummins&Partners 

Client: Lumo Energy


Campaign: You’re the U in Lumo 

Overview: Part of a wider Roadside billboard campaign running across 28 oOh! billboards in South Australia and Victoria. The Special Build appears on five key sites. The campaign runs until December 23. 

Media: Starcom 

Creative: Helsinki Agency

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