IVE Group Expands Into eCommerce

IVE Group Expands Into eCommerce

IVE Group has announced the launch of its new eCommerce transformation platform, Nexus, as it expands its retail offering.

IVE’s platform transforms traditionally printed materials such as catalogues and brochures into interactive shoppable experiences.

These can be accessed through web, mobile, email and social channels regardless of the device.

IVE Group CMO, Rob Draper (featured image) explained: “Nexus allows people to purchase products from online catalogues or brochures with one simple click-to-cart, rather than just showing them what’s on offer or special.

“It converts browsers into active shoppers.

“Once a catalogue or brochure has been transformed into a shoppable experience, we can push it out via social media and email channels in addition to pulling more people onto the retailers website”.

Draper continued: “The platform has embedded video and live enquiry capabilities that cater to the travel, real estate and financial sectors too, however, the real beauty of Nexus lies in its live analytics functionality.

“We can tell retailers what their shoppers are looking at, engaging with and buying, all in real time.

“This allows us to change content on-the-go in order to maximise sales conversion and over time provide our clients using the platform with deep shopper insights.”

The launch of Nexus, which means the link between two or more things, comes on the back of a successful four month trial with a large Australian retailer that produced impressive results.

Online catalogue views, once converted to eCommerce catalogues, more than doubled to 117 per cent.

Page views increased by 125 per cent.

There were over 44,000 product clicks on the e-catalogues piloted during the trial with a buy now conversion rate of 14.8 per cent.

Draper said: “We’ve effectively created a new sales channel for our client”.

IVE Group CEO, Warwick Hay commented: “We’re thrilled to be moving into the eCommerce space with such a solid and effective platform.

“Our product has been proven in this market and the results it can generate for our clients are nothing short of fantastic.

“This technology further expands our retail offering and forms a key part of our diversification strategy.

“It’s something that our clients, staff and investors alike should all be very excited about.”

When asked about whether or not this new technology would impact some of the IVE Groups’ traditional catalogue and printing businesses Hay replied: “In the odd case it may, but in general this is a complimentary touchpoint to traditional printed catalogues and brochures, not a replacement.

“Based on the trial results and initial client sentiment, we’re expecting total spend to increase in this space along with our market leadership position.”

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