Is The End Nigh For Nightclubs As The Millennials Stay Clear?

Is The End Nigh For Nightclubs As The Millennials Stay Clear?

Just when you thought Millennials couldn’t get any more difficult and painful comes news out of the UK that they don’t even want to leave the house anymore.

A new study has shown that Gen Ys have given up on that great youth tradition – the nightclub!

A study by the UK’s Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has found that half of all of Britain’s nightclubs have closed in the past decade; now down to just 1733 in total. And the blame is being laid directly at the feet of the Ys.

The Ys, if they want the latest music, can get it on any raft of devices via their smartphones. The ALMR also believes the under 35s have limited money and, sadly, a clubbing experience is no longer on the list of things they want to do with friends of a weekend. The Ys simply don’t want the same old experience week in week out.

Tastes in music have also been blamed with dance music – once considered druggy and edgy – now regarded as too mainstream for the younger generations.

And if they want to meet members of the opposite sex the Ys can always hook-up via Tinder or any myriad of dating sties. The Ys, if they’re after a partner, would also rather do their research online than take their chances with a drunken fumble in a dark, sweaty club.

Supposedly, the local nightclub also doesn’t cut it when it comes to posting photos on Facebook or Instagram.

Ramzi Yakob, a senior strategist at digital agency TH_NK, was quoted in the UK’s The Independent as saying: “Millennials also realise that their time is the scarcest resource they have, so why would they spend their precious time revisiting the same experience every weekend?”

Yakob believes that rather than an “every weekend” experience the nightclub is something the Ys only want to do “a couple of times a year”. Instead, the youngsters would rather save their money for the one big experience – an awesome annual holiday, as an example.

Another reason cited for the Ys disinterest in clubbing has been the media’s coverage of violence associated with late night entertainment venues. It’s also believed Ys are simply too busy to spend the weekend with a hangover or an ecstasy comedown.

Despite news that traditional clubs have closed, there has been an argument that that has been offset by a rise in underground music venues popping up.


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