Influencers Spend Money On Valentine’s Day, So You Probably Should, Too

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you didn’t buy a gift for your loved one, you may be shocked to know that your views don’t line up with most influencers.

A global study by indaHash has revealed the spending habits of influencers on Valentine’s Day.

The January 2019 study polled over 1000 influencers, and found that 84 per cent of them buy gifts for their significant others, as well as friends, family, their pets and, oddly, themselves.

72 per cent of influencers said that they look to other influencers for gift inspiration over TV ads, magazines and brand websites, which falls in line with a previous indaHash holiday study — where it was found that 92 per cent of influencers said their followers ask them for gift recommendations.

91 per cent said that they celebrate Valentine’s Day when they’re in relationships, however many of them also felt as though it was a hollow event constructed by brands to convince people to spend big.

60 per cent of influencers prefer experiences over material gifts for Valentine’s Day, and 40 per cent treat themselves with gifts or experiences when single, choosing to spend the day with friends and family.

Animals also proved to be the beneficiary of Valentine’s Day, with 12 per cent of influencers confessing that they purchase gifts for their pets.

Ever the enterprising lot, 63 per cent of influencers wait for Valentine’s Day deals before they buy, while 54 per cent of influencers shop for gifts online.

If you’re feeling post-Valentine’s Day blues, you’ll love these hilarious Valentine’s tweets, but should you prefer a more academic approach, this guest post from marketing lecturer Dr Nicholas Pontes on how Aussie businesses capitalise on consumer emotions is sure to enlighten.

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