Industry Profiles: It’s Frost*Collective’s CEO Vince Frost

Industry Profiles: It’s Frost*Collective’s CEO Vince Frost

Seeing as he’s now teetotal, we can cross Vince Frost, CEO, ECD of Frost*collective off the list of suspects for photocopying their bum and leaving it on the tables at Friday’s B&T Awards! Instead, we parked him on his firm asset for a grilling…

I hate average… 

My day starts at 5.30am. I hit the gym for either a high intensity class or a session with my personal trainer. I do something each day. Then, I come home and make the kids’ lunches and make sure they all get off to school OK. At 9am I walk down to my offsite office and do my admin for an hour before going to the studio. The rest of the day is a mixture of working on the business, new business and client work. These days I tend to finish at around 6pm and head home to make dinner for the family. Later in the evening I tend to catch up on emails and international calls.

I’m naturally motivated to help people…

Generally speaking, I have lots of energy and I’m pumped to create opportunities for my guys in the studio and for the people in my life.

I need parameters otherwise I go into a spin

The hardest brief is always when a client says, “Do whatever you want.” I hate that.

I think the imminent death of advertising as we know it, is pretty well documented… 

I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before a lot of roles will be replaced by technology (AI) and neuroscience.

What has changed for the better in the last five years…

Is that most clients now understand the true value of design and how it can enhance their business. What will it be line in 10 years? Good question. It will probably have been replaced by an app.

I am always creative in both my personal life and business… 

For me it’s not one or the other. I tend to think a lot and often get wrapped up in my own thoughts.

I’ve never been happier professionally…

I have only had one media job really, and that’s being the founder, CEO and executive creative director of Frost*collective. I get excited about the business opportunities and helping people to design their success both at work and in their personal lives – I can’t think of anything better than what I do now. I do, however, want to keep growing as a CEO and expand my creative business collective.

The now is all we have… 

There is such a rich diversity of clients in our business which means there are always exciting projects in the studio.

My proudest professional moment was…

Probably when I repositioned my business as Frost*collective last year (2014) and created three businesses – The Nest, Urbanite and Frost* design. That move and restructure proved to make a significant difference to our culture and success, now and for the future.

My worst and most cringe-worthy was…

Being excessively drunk at an award event in New York and losing the trophy somewhere in Soho, only to find it the next morning being used in a greasy diner as a spatula. I don’t drink anymore.

Who do you think is the best creative in Australia and/or the world?

Hard question. For me, I think the real advances are in architecture and furniture design.

Tea of coffee?

Green tea or rooibos.

Cats or dogs?


Guilty pleasure?

None. I guess I’m boring!

What’s your favourite TV programme?

I hate TV.

What’s your quirkiest attribute?

I bite my nails.

Anything else you would like to add?
I’m currently doing a series of talks in London, Glasgow and New York as part of the international launch of my new book, Design Your Life.

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