How Dumb A Marketer Are You? Take The Quiz And Win!

How Dumb A Marketer Are You? Take The Quiz And Win!

Do you know what the Japanese style of presenting in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each is known as? Or if you are ‘Pinning’ something, what social platform are you in? How about what the biggest benefit of marketing automation for organisations according the ADMA engage digital State of Play Study 2015 is?

Well don’t ask us, we just came 483rd in ADMA’s IQ quiz. However if you do, or you reckon you’re a good guesser, then there’s prizes to be won including a $5,000 Accor hotel gift card, 250,000 Qantas points or $50 off ADMA course registrations!!

Simply go to the ADMA IQ quiz here and battle it out against the clock in five categories – data, creativity, technology, content and customer experience – and see if you can wrangle any bonus points.

Like all good competitions, there’s a leader board to show to your friends or say “I deliberately got a low score to not make you look bad”.

Be warned, this quiz goes down on no Who wants to a millionaire timeframe. Eddie McGuire will not mince over your answers with you. Get your answers wrong and it’s over in less than 10 seconds.


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